Breaker Bay Hall

Breaker Bay Hall

Owned collectively by the residents and available for hire. It’s a good thing.

MSC Tasmania

MSC Tasmania

Of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, one of 376 vessels. Headed for Napier (courtesy CentrePort).
Year Built: 1993
Length: 216 m
DeadWeight: 45696 t


Tecomanthe speciosa

From wikipedia: A solitary plant of Tecomanthe speciosa or the Three Kings Vine was first discovered on the Three Kings Islands, 55 km off the northern tip of New Zealand, during a scientific survey in 1945. No other specimens have ever been found in the wild.

Although the plant may once have been common on the Three Kings, by the time of its discovery goats, which had been introduced to the islands, had reduced the entire population to a single specimen on Great Island, making it one of the world’s most endangered plants. The remaining specimen grew on a cliff that was so steep, that even the goats could not reach it.

SunsetCreative Commons License


Since the bay faces East we get sunset effect more than sunset.

Milburn Carrier IICreative Commons License

Milburn Carrier II

Your regular cement ship.
Year Built: 1987
Length: 118 m
DeadWeight: 8465 t

  • TV piece with storm, from YouTube

Maersk RadfordCreative Commons License

Maersk Radford

Just another ship or just another port.

Year Built: 2007
Length: 148 m
DeadWeight: 13760 t

OrcaCreative Commons License

Orca just off the beach

The largest species of the dolphin family pays a visit once or twice a year. This was a small family that hung around all morning fishing around the rocks.

Creative Commons License

And around the corner

WindCreative Commons License


When it blows from the North like this the gusts can lift the sea into the sky but there aren’t any waves to speak of. The Southerly, on the other hand, is cold and salt-laced and decimates all but the hardiest plants.

Baring HeadCreative Commons License

Baring Head

Lighthouse and cottages at Baring Head, 17 August 1937

Lighthouse and cottages at Baring Head, 17 August 1937

The light is an occulting white light flashing for 9 seconds out of each 15 seconds. Just so you know.

Beyond Baring Head (out of sight from Breaker Bay) is Turakirae Head, which borders Palliser Bay and the Wairarapa.

Pencarrow HeadCreative Commons License

Pencarrow Head

At the top of the hill stands NZ’s first permanent lighthouse (1 January 1859 – 8 June 1935). The light on the foreshore below was built in 1906 for those times when the hilltop was lost in fog and cloud, and it’s still in use today.

Pencarrow Head, Fitzroy Bay, between 1842 and 1844

Pencarrow Head, Fitzroy Bay, between 1842 and 1844